-Chipata to get new district hospital

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Chipata to get new district hospital 

Chipata, April 5, 2013, ZANIS…..Plans are underway by government to construct a district hospital at a cost of KR500, 000 in Chipata to address congestion at the only first level  Kapata clinic.

District Medical Officer Davies Simwaba says his office is currently holding discussions with cooperating partners and the government to ensure that the hospital is built by next year.

Dr. Simwaba told ZANIS in an interview in Chipata today that the construction of a district hospital will be the only lasting solution to addressing the increasing challenges of overcrowding in health facilities in the district.

He noted that despite the district improving its staffing levels which currently stands at 82 percent overcrowding in urban health facilities has continued due to increased population.

Dr. Simwaba said it is for this reason that government has embarked on the construction of more health centres in the district to address the problem.

He explained that Kapata clinic is currently congested due to different services it offers adding that the facility is also located in a densely populated area easily accessible.

He dismissed claims that the overcrowding is caused by lack of adequate medical staff adding that according to the establishment all the positions at the clinic have been filled up.

Dr. Simwaba disclosed that however, a new urban health centre called Muziye is being built in Katopola area which is also aimed at addressing the challenges of overcrowding.

He added that construction of more health centres have also been earmarked in most rural parts of the district to help improve access to health facilities by the people.

Dr. Simwaba also appealed to medical personnel in the district to be efficient and improve their communication skills with clients in order to create a good working relation.

He further thanked government for showing good will towards improving health standards and delivery system in the country.

There has been growing complaints among people in Chipata over congestion at Kapata clinic which is the only referral health institution in the district.

A check by ZANIS at the clinic today found long queues of people waiting to be attended to in various departments.