Kasama District Commissioner sends away heads of departments

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Kasama District Commissioner Kalanga Bwalya has pounced on officers who report late for government activities by sending them away from a meeting.

Mr. Bwalya exercised his power as the head of district government officials in Kasama during a district development coordinating committee (DDCC) meeting held at the council Chambers yesterday.

He noted that some public workers have continued the trend of reporting late for work and other important development meetings a tendency he says must come to an end.

“I am not going to compromise with civil servants who want to create their own time to do things. if it s work time , its work , if its meeting time let it be so,” stated Mr Bwalya.

The district commissioner said public servants ought to change their mindset and get to know what they are supposed to do and lead by example.

Mr Bwalya noted that it is high time civil servants worked for the money they are paid for and not do personal businesses and wait to get paid.

He lamented that he will make sure workers in his district feel his weight if they do not wake up and abide by government regulations.

Mr Bwalya urged all district heads to take the DDCC meetings seriously and not as child’s play because they are key people in developing the district.

The District Commissioner also appealed to civil servants to desist from corrupt activities but instead serve the people diligently.

He said corruption is a cancer and its time workers changed their attitudes of fattening their pockets at the expense of a rural Zambian.

The District Commissioner yesterday sent away 6 districts heads of departments who reported late for a district development coordinating committee (DDCC) meeting.