1ST NATIONAL RALLY near Chaminuka Sunday April 7th 2013

African Rally Championship
First National rally is on this weekend and will be held at Graham Rae farm near Chaminuka. It starts at 10.00hrs on Sunday the 7th and ends about 15hrs. prize giving will be at 16hrs.Please come out in numbers to give your drivers a great support they deserveDirections are as follows

–          Go towards the airport, and just before entering the airport grounds, just after the independence arch, turn left and follow the newly tarred road for about 4km

–          Then turn left onto a dirt road at the junction where the tar ends. Follow the sign “Chaminuka”

–          From there go about 2km and you will see a narrow bridge, proceed a further 2.8km and turn right at the “T”junction. There is a police post on the left.

–          From there go on a further 1.5km and you will see “chartonel” sign posted on the right, carry on straight for another 7km and you will go over a bridge. A further 1.4km turn left into a farm called NDAMBO

–          There is a barrier here and the security man has black garbage plastics which you must keep with you and put all your rubbish into these bags and dispose them at the garbage collection at the service park where you are going.

–          From the gate go about 0.5km into the farm and turn left onto a big road on left.

–          Go a further  0.70km and you will come to a dam wall. Proceed with care

–          From the dam wall, go for 0.40km and you will see a road on the left (a “Y” junction) take the left road here. The road on the right which looks like the main road is where the first and fourth stage starts.

–          Follow this winey road for about 2km until you get to a “T” junction. Turn left here. (this is a good spectator point for stage 1 and 4, rally cars come out from the left and turn sharp right going round the field.

–          A further 0.80km forward, you will see a road on the right and a field. Carry on straight on . on the right is where stage 1 and 4 ends. Also good viewing point.

–          Just 0.30km forward , there is a sharp bend to the left and then to the right. You will see chicken houses on the left and a workshop on the right. Just a bit forward, you will see the service park on the left. Please find a parking and make sure that your car is not on the road as rally cars will be using this road to get to service park.


Please come in numbers, food and drinks will be available at the service park