Kasama Theatre Arts Production

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Kasama Theatre Arts Production hereinafter being referred to as KATP is a group of performing arts based in Kasama, Zambia and gender sensitive. KATP was formed in 1993 and operated in the name of Planned Parenthood Association of Zambia (PPAZ) Northern region. In 1999 the group changed its name from PPAZ to Big Six, The group was called by this name up to July, 2005. To many people Big Six meant a group comprising only six people which according to the general understanding of the public, the group should not have more than six members. Another big meeting was called involving major stakeholders and partners. After brainstorming, the group was renamed as Kasama Arts Theatre Production. This also meant revising the Vision and the mission statement.

In order to deliver the intended information to the masses with a Zambian flavor, Kasama Arts Theatre Production works to promote networking with partners such as Community based art groups, interest groups and individuals and other public institutions by using the integrated approach in performing its activities in an effective, comprehensive and indeed objective manner. This means that Kasama Arts Theatre Production (KATP) being a community group, it endeavors to work with the community and ensure that all its productions address the issues of the community, this being in line with theatre for development theory.

The group is composed of members from Kasama Communities throughout the district and other community theatre stakeholders.

Legal status
Kasama Theatre Arts Production (KATP), is registered with National Arts Council of Zambia (NACZ) established by an Act of parliament No. 31 of 1994 and statutory instrument No. 129 of 1995 as an Art Association, and an affiliate of Zambia Popular Theatre Alliance (ZAPOTA)

Using popular theatre for sustainable human development

Mission Statement
Kasama Arts Theatre Production is a group of performing artists armed at entertaining, informing, sensitizing and education the community through performing arts.

To contribute towards social and economic development through contemporary Arts

1. To entertain, inform, sensitize and educate the community through performing arts,
2. To ensure that all collaborating partners are given equal access, quality services.
3. To reduce the HIV/AIDS prevalence rate and scale up awareness, prevention and treatment programs to mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS and the other reproductive health concerns among communities by using expressive arts
4. Use cultural participation and expressive arts as a viable tool for development.


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