UPND in Kalabo District back MP Miyutu ‘s government appointment

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UPND in Kalabo District  back  MP Miyutu ‘s  government appointment

Kalabo, March 30, 2013, ZANIS ——-The United Party for National Development (UPND) party leadership in Kalabo has assured its area Member of Parliament (MP) Chinga Miyutu of  its total support of his ministerial positing in the PF government.

The UPND party leadership led by District Constituency Chairman Muyambango Kwaleyela says it will rally behind Mr. Miyutu in all his programmes to develop the constituency.

ZANIS reports that the opposition party made the resolve during a meeting with Mr. Miyutu, who is also the newly appointed Deputy Minister of Sports.

The resolution followed Mr. Kwaleyela’s demand from Mr. Miyutu to clarify on what transpired in Lusaka leading to his appointment as deputy minister since the UPND in the area was aware of his appointment.

Mr. Miyutu was among several opposition MPs who were appointed to deputy ministerial posts by Republican President Micheal Sata.

Mr. Kwaleyela told Mr. Miyutu that UPND was initially worried of his position in the PF government as reports reaching Kalabo indicated that he had crossed to PF, a situation he described to be disturbing if the information received were true.

He however, Mr. Miyutu clarified his position on the matter saying that he was still the area MP despite his appointment as deputy minister in the PF government.

He said he had accepted the appointment to work with the PF administration, a situation he said he will utilize to serve his constituency even better.

Republican President Mr. Michael Sata on 5th March, 2013  appointed Mr. Miyutu and his Sinjembela constituency counterpart Poniso Njeulu  to deputy ministerial postings.

“ It was  an invitation he said was difficult to refuse to accept as it is disrespectful to refuse an invitation from an elderly person and more so a Head of State, “ he said .

He also said he felt compelled to respond positively to the president’s invitation because he did not know what it meant and even when he was told while there, he felt it was worthy taking as doing so was an added advantage to position in parliament.

Mr. Miyutu further said he accepted President Sata’s appointment as deputy minister of sports as the president explained to him why he chose him to be part of his government and that as an MP his role was to serve the people he represents and uphold the constitution, adding that his appointment was within the confinements of the law.

Mr. Miyutu has since advised the UPND to be calm and get the benefits of his position in government.

Mr. Miyutu who is in a familiarization tour of Kalabo district and his constituency respectively following his ministerial posting .