Miyutu pledges to work with PF govt no matter what

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Miyutu pledges to work with PF govt no matter what

Kalabo, March 30/13, ZANIS ———–Kalabo Central Member of Parliament Chinga Miyutu has pledged to work with the PF government to speed up development  in the area.

Mr. Miyutu says he will work hard with the PF government and electorate in the area to bring about the much needed development to his constituency and Kalabo district in particular.

Mr. Miyutu who is touring his constituency disclosed this yesterday during meeting with Kalabo District Commissioner Irene Mate  in Kalabo.

He told the meeting that he decided to visit Kalabo to familiarize himself with the district in his new appointment as Information and Broadcasting deputy minister to see for himself the various  government programs  that were taking place in his constituency.

Mr. Miyutu,  who thanked President Sata for appointing him as deputy minister of sports,  assured the electorate that he will do his best in his new government position to ensure that Kalabo district also gets the benefits of having a representative in government.

He also said he will not change his stance to work for his people no matter what  his critics say following his appointment by President Sata.

And Kalabo District Commissioner Irene Mate said the appointment of Mr. Miyutu as deputy minister has cheered many Kalabo residents.

Mrs. Mate said it was the electorates’ hope  and expectation that the appointment will accelerate development in the district.

Mrs. Mate who also congratulated Mr. Miyutu on his new appointment outlined some challenges facing the district.


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