President Sata gives the cross a kiss at Easter

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President Michael Sata was among thousands of people who gathered at the Saint Ignatius Catholic Church to commemorate the death of Jesus Christ who died on Good Friday.


Easter holiday is mostly attended by Christians not only in Zambia but world-wide to demonstrating reconciliation with God. Jesus resurrected on Sunday morning after being crucified and dying for three days.


President Sata who arrived at the church at 14-50 hours stayed for over three and he left at 18-10 hours local time, watched a one-hour sketch performed by the church members depicting the death of Jesus Christ.


Mr. Sata also kissed the cross to symbolize homage to Christ. Other Christians followed suit in kissing the cross of Jesus.


Saint Ignatius Catholic Parish Church Priest Joe Keaney who presided the church service urged Christians to exercise love and unity during and beyond the Easter holiday.


Priest Keaney said vengeance is not for Christians but implored them to forgive one another because this is what Christianity is all about.
The mass was attended by some cabinet ministers among them Commerce Minister Emmanuel Chenda and Transport minister Chris Yaluma, Permanent Secretaries, senior government officials, Bank of Zambia Deputy Governor Dr. Bwalya Ngandu, former Commerce Minister in the Rupiah Banda administration Felix Mutati.


Others included veteran politician Aaron Milner, dedicated believers.


Yesterday, President Michael Sata urged Zambians to celebrate Easter responsibly and remember the plight of the less fortunate of our society.


In his Easter message, the President described Easter as an important feast on the Christian calendar.

The head of state reminded leaders to have love for everyone as that would help to keep the promises they make to the people and also help Government in stirring the country forward.
as we celebrate Easter, Christians should do so responsibly and be mindful of those less fortunate than themselves.


“Easter should be a time of good will and expression of unconditional love to one another. Let us love each other. This is the greatest teaching that Jesus left us,” President Sata said.