Advents donate to Namwala State prison

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— The Seventh Day Adventist (S.D.A) Church in Namwala has donated a number of assorted foodstuffs   and second hand clothes, among others  to Namwala state prison.


The donation in its commemoration program of the Global S.D.A youth day .


The Youth who were laid by Namwala District Pastor Ocean Mwiinde donated the foodstuff and secondhand clothes to Namwala state Prison.


And receiving the donations a Prisons officer who was standing in for the Prisons officer in charge thanked the S.D.A Namwala church for the gesture and that the church should continue to help under privileged people in society like the prisoners.


He said that the church should lead by example to help the needy and that other people and churches in the district should emulate the S.D.A church for the wonderful donations.


Bells of secondhand clothes worth KR 2000 ,soap worth KR 500 and other foodstuffs were also donated to the Prison.


The  S.D.A Youths also donated mealie – meal and groceries to Namwala District hospital which is facing a reduction in number of meals given to patients from three meals a day to one because the institution has faced a reduction in it grants.