US Ambassador calls for more cancer sensitisation

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US Ambassador calls for more cancer sensitisation

Kabwe, Mar 28/13, ZANIS……………….United States Ambassador, Mark Storella, has reiterated his government’s commitment to supporting the Zambian Health Sector.


Ambassador Storella said the US government will remain a dependable partner to the Zambian government in so far as the health sector is concerned.


Speaking when he paid a courtesy call on Central Province Permanent Secretary, Anne Sinyangwe today, Ambassador Storella, who was accompanied by Senator Laura Stevens Kent, Senior Policy Advisors Theresa Vawter and Cade Clurman, said helping Zambia to advance the health sector is very significant to the US government.

He observed that the PF government has made tremendous strides with regards to the fight against cervical cancer, but advised that there is still need for the Ministry of Health to intensify sensitisation, especially in rural Zambia.


‘’We have seen a lot of commitment from the Zambian government, especially where cervical cancer is concerned and the First Lady, Dr Christine Kaseba, has been very instrumental in the fight against the disease. But I still feel that we need to do more in order to protect the lives of women in Zambia, Hhe said.


Ambassador Storella also urged the women in Kabwe and surrounding districts in Central Province to take advantage of the existing Cancer Clinic in Ngungu which was facilitated by former US President, George W Bush.


‘’I want to urge women in this district and other districts to take advantage of the existing Cancer Screening Centre at Ngungu Clinic to go for cancer screening in order to protect themselves,’’ he said.


And Central Province Permanent Secretary, Anne Sinyangwe, thanked Ambassador Storella and his delegation for taking time to visit Kabwe and check on the projects being supported by the US government.


Mrs Sinyangwe said it is impossible for any well-wisher to continue supporting the country in abstract because it is only when they get to the ground that they can appreciate the challenges that Zambia is faced with.


She, however, said there is a lot of political will from the new government to enhance the health standards of the people, especially with regards to cervical cancer.


‘’I can assure you Ambassador that the new government is trying hard to fight cervical cancer by ensuring adequate sensitisation coupled with cervical cancer vaccines for young girls below the age of 15.


“I am sure you have also seen the commitment from the First Lady, who has taken it upon herself to sensitise women, not only in urban but also rural areas on the need for them to get screened.’’ she said.


And Mrs Sinyangwe, who was at the Ngungu Cancer Screening Centre last week, has appealed to women in Kabwe to get screened for cancer.

She said she was impressed to see young women, especially those between 20 and 30 years old, turning up for cancer screening but still urged more and more women to get screened and spread the message.


The Permanent Secretary also urged area Members of Parliament and Ward Councillors to get on the ground and help spread the message by encouraging their women electorate to get screened for cervical cancer.


Mrs Sinyangwe has, on the other hand, advised men to also get checked for prostate cancer, saying men should also break the ice because prostate cancer has also been on the increase in the country.

She observed that despite the many reports on the disease, there was still a lot of silence from the men’s side and that most of them died without being treated because they shunned the topic.


Mrs Sinyangwe advised the Ministry of Health to carry out extensive awareness programmes on the two killer diseases in order to ensure the much needed protection and possible cure for the two killer diseases.