Sioma’s tourism potential should be exploited-DC

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Sioma District Commissioner Mubiana Mutomena has called for the full exploitation of touristic natural resources in the district to enhance economic development.


Speaking in an interview with ZANIS, Mr. Mutomena said Sioma district was a sleeping economic hub which when fully explored can contribute immensely to the national economy through the tourism sector.


He noted that the district is endowed with natural resources such as wildlife and waterfalls which can help transform the new district into a tourist destination.


Mr. Mutomena said there was need to invest human and financial resources to improve and promote the Sioma falls and game park on the local and international market.


Meanwhile, Mr. Mutomena has observed that government was losing colossal sums of money through uncollected revenue from illegal cross border traders on the Zambezi River in Sinjembela.


Sioma District Commissioner disclosed that he was going to engage relevant authorities to facilitate the creation of a check point to allow Angolans pay revenue for the goods crossing into their

He noted that the border point was porous as it allowed traders to enter Zambia through Sinjembela all the way to Lusaka and buy commodities that they later park in huge containers and cross to their country without paying revenue.