2)—-2013 Kuomboka date set

Kuomboka traditional ceremony of the Lozi people in western province

–The Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) has set April 20th as the date for this year’s Kuomboka traditional ceremony of the Lozi people in western province.

BRE’s Induna Intete, Akapelwa Silumbu announced the date during a media briefing at Limulunga royal village in the Kuta.

Induna Inete  said preparations towards the ceremony have reached an advanced stage hence the announcement of the date.

He has since appealed to the business community and all well-wishers to come on board and contribute to the success of the ceremony



Chief Mumena issues deforestation decree

Solwezi, March 28, 2013, ZANIS–Chief Mumena of the Kaonde speaking

people in Solwezi has issued a decree against indiscriminate cutting down of trees

in his chiefdom as a measure to address the high rate of deforestation.


Chief Mumena said deforestation in the chiefdom has reached alarming

levels and if the situation is not regulated now the area risks losing

its means of survival.


Chief Mumena issued the decree in Solwezi when he addressed his

subjects at Mutanda yesterday.


He said consequences of deforestation on his subjects will be

unbearable once the eco system is disturbed in the area.


He warned his subjects to stop commercial charcoal production saying

that it was one of the  major contributing factors to indiscriminate

cutting down of trees.


Chief Mumena said anyone who will be found producing charcoal for sell

will be chased out of the chiefdom.


He said the Royal establishment has appointed community leaders in all

areas in the chiefdom to ensure the order is followed.


The Royal Establishment chairperson, Jackson Kakoma urged the people

to venture into productive activities that will not be in conflict

with the chief’s order because charcoal selling is alien in Kaonde



Mr Kakoma said the chiefdom has lost a lot of trees in recent years

due to charcoal production and massive land clearing for mine

operations hence the measure to regulate the practice.


The Royal Establishment has appealed to the department of forestry to

work with the community leaders to regulate charcoal production in the



And speaking on behalf of the charcoal producers Evans Kayula said the

practice was retrogressive but was one of the ways of earning an income .


Mr. Kayula said the charcoal business  has become profitable

in the area as the customers are from outside Solwezi district.