–Kalomo farmers receive input tips

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-The  district administration in Kalomo has

urged farmers to desist from making last minute decisions to prepare

for their agriculture activities as this contributes to food insecurity.


District administrative officer, Justus Phiri made the remarks

yesterday in Siachitema  where he urged farmers to register themselves

with  agriculture camp extension officers who are currently

compiling farmers’ registers to benefit in the 2012/13 government

subsidized inputs which would be through an e- voucher system as

compared to the previous cooperative operated mode.


Earlier during the district development coordinating committee (DDCC)

meeting, district agriculture coordinator, Dr. Max Choombe said all

the inputs in this Fertiliser Input Support Programme (FISP) season

would be strictly by an  e- voucher, a modality where farmers would be

given a kind of an electronic printed cheque to draw their inputs from

any of the would be registered agents.


And Phiri has called on the womenfolk to form clubs for them to access

various incentives that government has put in place in order to uplift

their livelihood.


He said the district has been directed to explain why the women and youth clubs 

have failed to fully ultilise the available resources which government has availed to them .


Only one youth group in Kalomo got K50 million ( KR 50,000)  through the

youth empowerment fund, attributing the development to most youth

groups not meeting the laid down procedures for their membership as most members were 35

years and above while the submitted project proposals failed to meet  the required standards.


“If this year we fail, do not blame us because we have told you, it is

like when government brings you a health facility and you do not want

to use it, we will take it somewhere where people needs its service,”