Livingstone Soccer Fans express mixed feelings over Kambwili’s threats

Chishimba Kambwili

Following Sports minister Chishimba Kambwili’s threat to disband the Chipolopolos if they continued losing, soccer fans in Livingstone  have expressed their mixed feelings over the matter.

While sections of them have expressed their support of minister Kambwili’s threat to disband the national soccer team , others are of the view that now was time the Herve Renard’s side needed national support ahead of the crucial remaining three games.

Soccer Fan Chilu Chibwe says He backs the minister ‘s threat  on the  national team which he said were not applying itself in almost all the post 2012 Africa games.

Chibwe said because of not committing itself , the Renard tutored side had continued to record draws which he said were not impressive.

He said the team seems to have relaxed and that the threat can be a wakeup call for the entire squad.

His counterpart ,  Joyce Mwalimu however said that the threat to disband the national team is not a solution as the new comers will also want to be trained intensively and gaining experience will take a long

Mwalimu  noted that blame cannot be entirely be put on the couch as he had proved himself when Zambia won the Africa Cup of nations in 2012.

She said the boys need to disciplined enough and work on their game.

Given Mulenga another soccer fan said there is serious need for team work and serious training in the national team as disbanding the team is not a solution.

He said that Zambian strikers are not putting in much effort and that this reflecting badly as can be seen by the poor performance of the team in the games it has been playing.

Government threatened to stop sponsoring the Zambia national soccer after a string of poor results.

Minister Kambwili expressed his disappointment on the national team’s dismal performance he described as rubbish.

Mr. Kambwili said the national team’s performance leaves much to be desired especially that government spends huge sums of tax-payers money on the team.

“I want to warn the national team, FAZ and the players that if they do not improve their game we will be forced to withdraw sponsorship as government, we will disband the team, and start all over again. We
will stop all international assignments until we re-organise,” Kambwili said.

He said the government cannot continue spending tax-payers money without getting results.