Kazungula Secondary School opens this year

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—-Kazungula Secondary School in Southern Province shall be opened before the end of this year.


This came to light during a full council meeting held at Kazungula District Council chambers last Friday.


During the meeting, Katombola Member of Parliament, Derrick Livune, asked the District Education Board Secretary, Samson Sakala, if it was true that Kazungula Secondary School shall be opened in the second term this year.


In response, Mr Sakala disclosed that due to certain challenges, the school could not be opened in March this year as earlier planned.


He, however, mentioned that the sewer lines, which were still being worked on, have now been completed, adding that all the facilities are in place to open the long awaited secondary school.


Mr Sakala pointed out that the only thing remaining at the moment is the connection of water from the source to the institution for which he said works are on course to address the situation.


The DEBS also mentioned that 240 mattresses have already been received.


Mr Sakala, who did not say the exact day when the school shall be opened, only said it shall be opened very soon before the end of this year.


He said Kazungula district lacked such a facility for a long time, adding that once opened, Kazungula Secondary School would accommodate many pupils in the district who were deprived of going to upper grades.


And Kazungula Council Chairman, Elias Siamibila, challenged the Ministry of Education to make sure that all works at the newly built secondary school are completed on time so that the school can be opened.


Mr Siamibila said it was unfortunate that some pupils from Kazungula district were denied entry to upper grades to some schools in Livingstone district, saying the opening of the secondary school in Kazungula district will be a big achievement in the education sector.


He also charged that the opening of Nyawa High School in Chief Nyawa’s area with only four classes even if such a service is urgently needed is premature especially that there are no toilets and houses for teachers.