Airtel Staff donate 1,307 Exercise books to Chibolelo basic school

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Airtel-Zambia has donated 1, 307 exercise books to Chibolelo basic school in Ndola district in Copperbelt province.

Airtel Zonal Business Manager for Copperbelt Province Kephas Phiri handed over the books to the school last Friday.

Speaking at the handover ceremony, Mr. Phiri reaffirmed the mobile service provider’s passion to supporting educational programmes that assist the less privileged in society.

He said his company was aiming at creating a positive impact in society and help lay the foundation for social and economic development in Zambia.

“We are happy to donate 1,307 pupil’s exercise books to Chibolelo Basic School. I would like to mention that the donation we are making today has been made possible by Airtel members of staff who contributed towards this noble cause,” Mr. Phiri said.

Mr. Phiri further said the importance of integrating exercise books in the delivery of quality education cannot be emphasized.

“According to the latest step-up survey carried out in 100 schools, Zambia has less than 50 per cent of pupils from grade 1 to 4 who can read and write. Since reading and writing is the foundation of learning and knowledge acquisition, learners that cannot read properly are greatly disadvantaged to succeed in life,” Mr. Phiri added.

He noted that Airtel has realized that low literacy levels have negative consequences in the pupils’ future and Zambia’s social progress.

He said illiteracy reduces the chance of a person’s success in the modern world and makes people incapable of contributing to national development.

Mr. Phiri hoped that the donation of books to the school will help to increase literacy levels of pupils.

Three months ago, Airtel donated three full sets of computers to the same school. The computers were valued at KR 25,000.

This means the total value invested in Chibolelo for the computers and exercise books has now come to KR 27,500.

And Ndola District Educational Board Secretary (DEBS) Alexander Mulenga, who received the donation on behalf of the school, commended Airtel for the work it was doing in society.

Mr. Mulenga urged pupils and teachers to take care of the donated items and discouraged them from vandalising school property.