Expert demands TB isolation ward at Kabompo hospital

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——–A medical expert in Kabompo district has appealed to government to build a Tuberculosis (TB) isolation ward at the district hospital as a control measure to protect other patients admitted from contracting the infection.

Kabompo District Medical Officer, Stephen Shajanika, made the call during the commemoration of the World TB Day at Chikata Primary School in Kabompo over the weekend.

Dr Shajanika said in order to protect other patients and visitors from acquiring TB infections within the hospital premises, government should quickly build a TB isolation wing.

He urged people not to view the construction of the TB isolation ward as discrimination but as public health promotion because TB is mostly an airborne disease.

Dr Shajanika further advised the local authority to spearhead the construction of the TB isolation ward using the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) at the district hospital.

The medical officer also urged butchery and slaughter lab owners to cooperate with Environmental Health Technologists (EHTs) who conduct inspections on their premises in order to prevent TB infections acquired from eating contaminated beef in the district.