My day is coming-Given Lubinda

Given Lubinda
Given Lubinda

Kabwata Member of Parliament (MP) Given Lubinda has charged that he has been persecuted for doing nothing and that his day of victory will soon come.

Lubinda, who is serving a-six months suspension from his Patriotic Front (PF) party, likened himself to Jesus Christ’s resurrection few days after he was persecuted and accused of things which he did not even do but was enough to give him strength that his day of victory was coming.

He said this in an interview yesterday during the Palm Sunday commemoration when he joined scores of Christians to march from Libala Salvation Army Temple to the Mary Immaculate Catholic Parish in Kabwata constituency.

He said his day was coming because there was hope in knowing that the persecuted always emerged victorious.

Lubinda urged politicians in Zambia to take the Easter period to pray to God to give them strength to stand against those they knew had evil intentions about their leadership.

The former Foreign Affairs Minister said leaders could not provide true service to the country when they were busy painting everybody else black other than themselves.

“How can you provide true service to people when you are painting everybody black except yourself? I urge politicians to pray to God to give us strength to stand against those we know have evil thoughts about us. This period is relevant to me because it tells me that even in suffering, there is victory,” he said.

He said the resurrection of Christ from the dead was an indication that those who persecuted others were in the end the vanquished while those who were persecuted emerged victorious.

He said the Palm Sunday was a sign of salvation as well as meekness of Christ who even when many people including those he saved accused him of things he did not do, remained true to his word.

He said that everybody including those he saved freely accused him but when he was being tried, he remained quiet and calm. He was accused of saving mankind and a lot of things were twisted against him.

He said that it was a reminder to Christians that there was power in remaining true to oneself as Palm Sunday was a period for leaders to realise that power was a borrowed thing.

He said Christ always humbled himself even at difficult times, something that leaders should emulate.

Quoting the Bible verse which says “Father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing,”  Lubinda urged his fellow politicians to be meek and humble even when persecuted.

He urged political leaders to take this period to reflect on their role in society and not to only give prominence to themselves even to the extent of wanting to kill others just to place themselves on top.

He said the church had a role to pray in the good governance of the country and bring about development.