Stray animals worry Luangwa leadership


The District administration and traditional leadership in Luangwa district have expressed concern at the increase of stray domestic animals that are causing havoc in the township and eating peoples crops.

Luangwa District Commissioner, Eunie Mumba and Chief Mphuka of the Chikunda people said yesterday that they were saddened by the destruction of food crops by domestic animals in the area.

Mr Mumba who visited one of the fields belonging to 84 years old Sofia Tembo whose whole field was eaten by cattle belonging to a ZESCO worker expressed disappointment as to why one should let his animals feed in people’s fields when they are supposed to be herded.

He said it was unfortunate that some people were rearing cattle in the township boundaries contrarily to the public health Act.

Mr Mumba called on the department of Agriculture, the Council and the police to enforce the law which prohibits anyone from rearing cattle and goats in the township.

And Luangwa District Council Secretary, Peter Nguluwe said urbanization has taken root in Luangwa district as government was working tirelessly to bring development to the area which had lagged
behind in terms of infrastructure development.

Speaking during a meeting with cattle owners in the Council Chamber yesterday, Mr Nguluwe said the council has embarked on implementing the District Integrated Development Plan (IDP) and will not allow anyone to rear cattle or goats in the township boundaries.

He said government was in a hurry to enhance development in rural areas such as Luangwa and the council will ensure that it implements the developmental programmes according to the law.

Mr Nguluwe however said it was not the wish of government to displace or deny someone land because it was a government which has a pro- poor approach and it has put in measures to ensure that everyone has access to land.

The Council Secretary said this when one of the cattle farmers said government was trying to displace them by not allowing them to keep domestic animals such as cattle in the area which was not under council previously.

Meanwhile District Commissioner, Eunie Mumba has maintained that his administration will not allow anyone to keep cattle in the township boundaries as they were a nuisance and a danger to human life and health.

Early this month, a woman and her 2 year old were nearly killed by three cows which invaded their home in Soweto compound bruising them and leaving them with serious bruises and the matter is been dealt by the police in the area.