DC appreciates government efforts in Luangwa

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DC appreciates government efforts in Luangwa

Luangwa, March 23, ZANIS ——— Luangwa District Commissioner, Eunie Mumba has commended the Patriotic Front government for making the dream of the people in the district become a reality by having their Luangwa D145 main road tarred.

Speaking when Lusaka Province Permanent Secretary, Emelda Chola visited the site of China Geo Engineering Company, the contractor of the D145 main road in Luangwa district yesterday, Mr Mumba who was accompanied by Council Secretary, Peter Nguluwe said the PF government has fulfilled the dream of the residents of improving the road to bituminous level.

He said the bad state of the D145 road had been a source of concern to the residents of Luangwa as it made them travel under a lot of hardships and also hindered the most desired development.

And Lusaka Province Permanent Secretary, Bri. Gen. Chola has expressed happiness that the Contractor, China Geo was on site and works have begun on the Luangwa main road.

Gen. Chola said she was happy that the D145 Luangwa main road was now been tarred as it has been a hot issue with the traditional leaders and the people in the area.

She said it was a dream come true for the traditional leaders and the people of Luangwa that 48 years under the line, the road was now being tarred.

Gen. Chola said the tarring of the road will enhance development in the district which had lagged behind in development since independence.

She said the district has potential for development and the tarring of the main road will realize this potential of the district as it will attract a lot of investors.

The Permanent Secretary said it was government’s wish to improve the road network throughout the country as it was only through a good road network that development will reach the remote parts of the country.

And China Geo Site Engineer, Zhou Zhi Jian and Foreman, Parnwell Kasonka told the Permanent Secretary and her entourage that the tarring of the D145 which is a stretch of 87Km road will not take a long period to complete.

Mr Kasonka said that this year the company will cover a stretch of 40Km and hope to finish the rest of the road by November next year 2014.

Meanwhile, the District Administration is preparing for the commissioning of the road project by His Excellence President Michael Sata any time before the end of this month.

Preparations have reached an advanced stage as the Contractor China Geo is busy working on the road and hope to tar a portion of at list 2 Km before the commissioning.