Chieftainess Chiawa appeals for relief food

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—Chieftainess Chiawa of the Goba speaking of Kafue district has appealed to government to urgently help her subjects with relief food following the destruction of field crops by Elephants.

Speaking when Kafue District Commissioner Grace Ngulube and District Medical Officer Mpundu Makasa paid a courtesy call on her at her palace, Chieftainess Chiawa lamented that most of her subjects had nothing to eat because their fields had been invaded by Elephants and Hippos and had their crops destroyed.

Chieftainess Chiawa told Mrs Ngulube that animals had done irreparable damage to the field crops and that the only way was for government to move in and provide relief food before people started dying of hunger.

And Chieftainess Chiawa has asked government to consider deploying police officers in order to curb the escalating levels of lawlessness in her chiefdom saying lack of a police post in her entire chiefdom had resulted in a number of criminal acts.

The traditional leader stated that lawlessness was on the increase in Chiawa because of lack of a police post in the area adding that recently 8 women blocked the road and damaged a vehicle belonging to ZAWA after a 44 year old man was killed by an Elephant.

Chieftainess Chiawa further appealed to the government through Kafue District commissioner to intervene in the matter where a contractor who was engaged to construct a modern structure for the local court had stalled since 2005.

And Mrs Ngulube assured Chieftainess Chiawa that government will send some paramilitary police officers to Chiawa once the recruits that were currently undergoing training at Sondela pass out.

Mrs Ngulube told her Royal highness that the PF government is a pro-poor government which will do everything possible to better the lives of ordinary citizens including her subjects.

She said that her office will provide tents as a temporal measure to accommodate ZAWA officers who will camp in Mugurameno to reduce human- animal conflicts in Chiawa while government was working on building a permanent camp.

And Dr Makasa told the Chieftainess that her office will soon send a nurse to Mugurameno health post in Chiawa which has had no health worker since the time it was built in 2009.

Dr Makasa said a nurse from Kambale has agreed to be transferred to Mugurameno adding that her office was just working on the house which had been dilapidated over the years it has been vacant.