Meteorological department commended

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Meteorological department commended

Mkushi, March 23, ZANIS ——– Mkushi District Commissioner Christopher Chibuye has commended the Central Province Meteorological Department for opting to commemorate World Meteorological Day in Mkushi district.


Mr Chibuye said this today when he graced the launch of the commemorations for Central Province, at Mkushi Farmers Training Center.


He said that government recognized the key responsibility that the Meteorological department played in providing services such as analysis and predictions pertaining to the weather.


He stressed that the responsibilities of the Meteorological department were centred on protecting life and property from calamities and adverse developments that occurred as a result of the of the Weather pattern.


Mr Chibuye said that in view of these responsibilities, government acknowledged the important role played by this department in providing early warning data regarding weather aspects such as rains, drought as well as floods.


He said that such operations were not only crucial to disaster mitigation efforts, but were also helpful to various sectors such as Aviation, Health, Agriculture as well as Construction.


He stated that in view of the important role played by this department towards national development, government would continue to accord this department all the necessary support towards boosting its operations.


Mr Chibuye observed that the shift from launching the commemorations from the provincial capital to Mkushi was a gesture that signalled that this department was keen to raise the profile of its services in all the districts.


He expressed hope that such a move would help to raise interest into weather related matters amongst Mkushi’s largely agricultural livelihood residents.


During the same event, Central Province Meteorological Officer (PMO) Felix Imbwae assured residents that his office would soon install an officer to specifically undertake Meteorological services in Mkushi.


Mr Imbwae disclosed that Mkushi was amongst the three Meteorological stations that existed in the province currently, adding that the Mkushi office had been without an officer for some time.


He reaffirmed that the Provincial Meteorological department was committed towards ensuring that Meteorological services are discharged efficiently in all the districts.


He said that in this regard, close linkages had been formed with other government departments such as the District Agriculture Coordination Office (DACO)with the aim of mitigating constraints such as Manpower in the districts.


Mr Imbwae also pointed out that plans were underway to unveil sensitisation activities that would focus on enlightening people on issues related to climate change.


He said that there was need for residents to acknowledge that the effects of climate change had been evidenced through the trend in weather pattern such as overall reduction of rains, rising temperatures, and in some instances drought.


He stressed that his department was making frantic efforts to ensure that the challenges posed by climate change is mainstreamed at various levels such as communities, work places and schools.


World Meteorological Day is commemorated annually on 23rd March, and Mkushi was selected to launch the commemorations for Central province this year.