2)—Kasama storm leaves five families stranded

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-FIVE families of Kasama  have been displaced by a hailstorm which hit the town last night.

The stranded families are now appealing for assistance from government and well wishers.

The rains which started between 19:00 and 20:00 hours last night blew off the entire roof of a flat  which the five families were occupying.

A check by ZANIS this morning found the affected families seated helplessly with their properties wet and their electrical appliances damaged.

And Kasama District Commissioner Kalanga Bwalya and Kasama Mayor Francis Kombe have sympathized with the affected families.

The DC has since called on the Provincial Disaster Management Unit to come to the aid of the affected  families.

In a similar incident, the rains have left a trail of trees uprooted and some maize fields damaged.

Some of the roads affected are Zambia road which leads to the provincial administration and has been  blocked forcing motorists to use other means.

Meanwhile, a motorist Pillion Kaputa has advised the council to cut down the trees that pose a risk of falling down to avoid loss of life and damage to property.

And Kasama Mayor Francis Kombe said the hail storm is a natural calamity which the council should not be held responsible for in the event of an accident.