Chipata RCZ buys vehicle for resident reverend

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—The Reformed Church in Zambia, Chipata Congregation, has bought a personal vehicle for its resident reverend, Clement Mwanza, at a cost of KR 75,000.

Speaking at a colourful handover ceremony, Fundraising Committee Chairperson, Julia Mshanga, said the congregation came up with the idea of purchasing a personal vehicle for its reverend because of his dedication of transforming the lives of all the people in church.

Mrs Mushanga stated that Rev Mwanza’s commitment could be witnessed from the numerous projects he has initiated and also the uplifting of the congregants’ lives both spiritually and physically.

“I would like to emphasize that the vehicle we are handing over today is a personal vehicle for Dr Mwanza. This, therefore, means that should he be transferred he takes the vehicle with him,” Mrs Mshanga said.

She also urged her fellow Christians to continue giving more to the church as it is written in Luke 12:34, adding that if one bountifully sows, he would always bountifully receive.

And speaking at the same function, Chipata Municipal Council Deputy Mayor, Malekano Phiri, praised Chipata RCZ congregation for exhibiting love and unity by buying their Reverend a vehicle, a situation he said demonstrated harmony and care.

Mr Phiri stated that big ventures can only be achieved when people are united as shown by the commitment of the congregation to ease mobility for its reverend.

He stated that the local authority is also aware that the church is committed to hold prayers in a conducive environment as evidenced by the massive development undertaken to raze a smaller Church building and put up a very big and beautiful structure.

Mr Phiri stated that several schools have been constructed to supplement government’s efforts in the delivery of quality education to members of the public because of the commitment of the Church.

Meanwhile, guest preacher, Synod Moderator Rev Edwin Zulu, praised the RCZ Chipata congregation for the generosity of purchasing a personal to holder vehicle for Rev Mwanza.

Rev Dr Zulu said the gesture showed how the congregation relates with the pastor, adding that the gesture was the first of its kind in the RCZ.

He stated that the congregation has in the past only bought vehicles for the church to use not a personal vehicle.

He has since urged other churches and congregations to emulate the Chipata RCZ congregation to appreciate their pastors because they will have no excuse to put in the best in uplifting people’s lives spiritually and physically.

“There is nowhere in the Bible where it says buy a vehicle for your reverend but the gesture will provide a capacity for him to work extra hard and also gives him the opportunity to effectively carry out operations as the movements to visit members in the district will be eased,” he added.

And the resident reverend, Dr Mwanza, stated that the transport would ease his movement during evangelization and even when his services are needed in the night.