Govt releases KR 100 million for citizens’ empowerment

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— Government has released a sum of KR 100 million for citizens’ empowerment in all the provinces in the country.

Citizens’ Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC) Director General, Likando Mukumbuta, disclosed the development during a sensitization meeting held at Chinsali’s council hall yesterday where he addressed hundreds of women from all walks of life.

Mr Mukumbuta said three districts per province have been allocated a sum of KR 3.3miilion to facilitate the implementation of industrial clusters in the country.

He said five projects in each province have been designed to be under taken by three districts at a total cost of KR10, 000.

Mr Mukumbuta stated that in Muchinga Province three projects have been identified of which Mpika residents will take up dairy farming while those in Isoka and Chinsali will take up soya beans and rice respectively.

The Director General further said once these projects are fully implemented and operational they will create more job opportunities and more money in people’s pockets especially among the women and youths.

He said the PF Government has multiplied the citizens empowerment fund from KR 50,000 to KR500 000 following the lifting up of the ban in February this year by his Excellency, President Michael Sata.

Mr Mukumbuta urged Chinsali residents to be proactive once they acquire loans from the CEEC in order to foster meaningful development.