Solwezi residents resell cheap maize from FRA

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Solwezi residents resell cheap maize from FRA

Solwezi, Mar 15/13, Solwezi——-Some residents in Solwezi, who are buying maize from the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) meant to cushion the shortages of the mealie meal in the district, are reselling the grain on the black market.

District Commissioner, Crispin Likando, said it is regrettable that the people have resorted to reselling the maize after they buy it from FRA at a reduced price.

Mr Likando said most marketers have taken advantage of the situation and have engaged themselves in the reselling of FRA maize.

He said this situation is defeating the intention of government to cushion the shortage of mealie meal and provide cheap maize for the people in the district.

Mr Likando said a screening exercise of the buyers has been instituted as a control measure to stop unscrupulous marketers from accessing the grain.

The FRA has been selling maize to the people at KR 50 per 50 kilogram bag following a spate of shortages of mealie meal in the district. The marketers are reselling the maize at KR10 per 5 litre container instead of KR 7.50

Mr Likando said the district requested for 30, 000 metric tonnes of maize from FRA but the agency has been releasing it in batches of 4, 000 metric tonnes to the market every week.