East head teachers in breach of collective agreement

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—-Some teachers in Chipata district have accused senior management in some schools of breaching last year’s collective agreement for teachers signed between government and the three teachers unions.

Teachers, who sought anonymity for fear of victimization, said some head teachers have not effected the new rate of KR 550, 00 subsistence allowance as per 2012 collective agreement.

The teachers, who were speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Chipata district this morning, said they were not allowed to claim the allowance when they go out on duty.

“Our head teachers have not effected the new rate following the agreement but request us to claim on old rate. We wonder why it is only applying to teachers because school heads claim using the new rate when they go out on duty,” they said.

They stated that they feel de-motivated as other teachers from other provinces have already started claiming their dues on the new rate.

And Zambia National Union of Teachers (ZNUT) vice chairperson, Isaac Ngoma, confirmed that the union has received such reports from several teachers

Mr Ngoma said there was need for teachers to be given what was due to them, adding that it was an entitlement and not a favour.

He stated that government was committed to improving conditions of service for the teachers to ensure that the motivated workforce was maintained.

“So we are calling upon senior management at all schools to implement the improved conditions of service agreement between government and unions to avoid misunderstandings.

And when contacted for a comment Provincial Education Officer (PEO), Thomas Mwanza, said his office was not aware of some teachers not claiming substance allowance using the new rate.

Mr Mwanza stated that if there was some school heads, who were breaching the agreement, they were doing so at their own peril as his office availed the circular together with the signed agreement to them.

“School head teachers should follow the agreement. When my office received the copy of the agreement I met all the head teachers and each one of them is aware of the development,” he said.