Zambians should clearly be identified-Nkole

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Home Affairs Permanent Secretary Maxwell Nkole has said government will ensure that every Zambian citizen is clearly identified through the national registration process.


Mr. Nkole said it was important that every Zambian is registered from birth to death to enable government plan adequately for its citizens.


He was speaking in Lusaka today when he officially opened a refurbished customer service centre for the department of national registration, passport and citizenship.


The centre was refurbished at a total cost of US$4.8 million with financial help from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).


Mr. Nkole said the refurbished building should serve as a motivating factor for the workers at the department as it will enhance transparency in their operation.


He observed that identity documents were cardinal for any citizen to effectively participate in governance and freely enjoy their rights.


He said workers at the department were subjected to difficult working conditions because they operated under tents in hot and rain seasons when the building was undergoing renovations.


Mr. Nkole has since directed the Registrar General Mathews Nyirongo to ensure that modalities were put in place to keep the facility clean and in good condition.


And United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Mission Director Susan Brems urged Zambians to register their legitimacy of being Zambian.


Ms. Brems said government was likely to get better statistics on the population dynamics of the country because of the new building.


She said the new customer service centre will allow Zambians to obtain national documents in a timely, efficient and transparent manner.


She also said many people have not registered as citizens or obtained birth certificates because of the long processes to get such identity cards.


Ms. Brems further said the improvements at the department of national registration, passport and citizenship will enable people acquire a birth certificate within a day.


She said the new customer service centre will further display clearly the fees for the various services offered.