Siamunene urges opposition MPs to work with Govt

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Sinazongwe United Party for National Development (UPND) area Member of Parliament Richwell Siamunene has urged opposition MPs to work with Government in order to take development to their areas.


Mr Siamunene who is Commerce, Trade and Industry Deputy Minister urged opposition MPs to break the political syndrome of merely trying to oppose activities by government.



Mr Siuamunene said opposition MPs can only take meaningful development in their areas if they work closely with Government.


He told journalists in Sinazongwe over the weekend that time for mere politicking is long gone, saying this is time for people to work together to defeat social challenges such as poverty, unemployment and disease.


The Sinazongwe MP said he took the sacrifice to put his future in the opposition UPND at risk by accepting to work with Government for the benefit of the people in his area.


He said there is need for the opposition to change their mindset and work closely with Government for the betterment of the citizenry.


Mr Siamunene said he is ready to be expelled from his party for the sake of bringing development to the people of Sinazongwe.


The Sinazongwe legislator said his decision to accept to work with Government was done in the interest of taking development to his area.


Mr Siamunene said people that are privileged to be in leadership positions should serve the interest of the people they lead above their interests.


He said he took the sacrifice to face expulsion from his party for the sake of the people so that they too can benefit from Government projects that will be initiated in the area.


Mr Siamunene said there is also need for politicians to respect the leadership which he said has been instituted by God, saying no leadership can exist unless it is sanctioned by God.


He said it was the duty of every individual in the country regardless of their political affiliations to respect the leadership that be.


Mr Siamunene further thanked Government for embarking on the rehabilitation of the Bottom road and bridges in Southern Province.


He said the rehabilitation of the Bottom road project once completed will open up exploration of many minerals that Sinazongwe district is endowed with.