Govt has made tremendous strides in improving youth welfare-Kosamu

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———–Central Province Minister
Phillip Kosamu, says the Patriotic Front- PF, government has in
the last one year of being in the office made tremendous
strides in trying to improve the wellbeing of youths in the province.

Mr Kosamu was speaking when he officiated at the 2013 Youth Day
commemoration in Kabwe today, whose theme was, ‘Opportunity for the
Youth through Enterprise’.

He said the theme could not have come at a better time than now when
the Patriotic Front, PF, government has committed itself to empowering
youths through various empowerment activities to enable them take
up the right place in society.

The Central Province Minister among other visible strides government has made in the
province were the completion of the second phase of rehabilitation of Ngungu youth resource centre in Kabwe and the appointment of three instructors to provide skills training at the centre.

He disclosed that the province has in the 2013 budget, been allocated with KR4,500,000 for the expansion of King George VI National Youth college in Kapiri-mposhi district.

He also disclosed that through the Ministry of Youth and Sport, government has provided, KR1,689,000 in this year’s budget for the tooling of the newly constructed youth resource centre in Kabwe.

Mr Kosamu further said that the 2013 budget has also provided KR100, 000 for the continued construction of a Youth resource Centre in Serenje district.

He added that the province was underway to introducing provincial
youth farms with a budget line of KR100, 000 in the 2013 national budget.

The Central Province Minister also said that government has twofold funds for the purposes of Micro credit to benefit and to enhance job creation and ensure more money in
the pockets of the youths countrywide.

Mr Kosamu urged the youths in the province to come up with viable projects and business proposals so that they could access the money to create their own businesses and be able to positively contribute to the national development.

And Youth Men Christian Association, YMCA, Ambassador Majory Mambwe
called upon the youths to identify opportunities that avail themselves in order to create a positive impact that will contribute to national development.

Miss Mambwe said through the provision of various social, economic, political, and financial amenities, such as youth development fund, youth resource centres, and universities, the government of the day wishes to transform the youths into useful citizens of the country.