Kabwe court orders medical attention for murder suspect

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A KABWE Magistrate’s court has ordered prisons authorities to take one of the six suspects accused of murdering two taxi drivers last year to the hospital for medical examination.

This was after a lawyer representing Mubanga Mutale aged 32, applied to the court to allow his client be attended to by a doctor.

Mutale is jointly charged with Bruce Bota, 28, Kings Bota, 32, both of Ndola, and Brian Mofya, 34, and two 16-year-old boys from Lusaka. They are facing two counts of aggravated robbery and two counts of murder.

In the first and second counts, the six are alleged to have on September 12, last year robbed and murdered Simon Miti of a Toyota Corolla, registration number ABZ 1481.

In the third and fourth counts, the six on October 25, last year are alleged to have murdered and robbed Aaron Hasanda of his Toyota Sprinter, registration number ABZ 3004, while armed with a wire.

Mutale is being represented by Kabesha Mulilo.

Earlier in the same court, some suspects complained about inhuman treatment by prison authorities since the escape of three death row inmates.

One of the suspects who came for mention in his case complained to Magistrate Jeniffer Bwalya, who was sitting in for Smart Mweene, that most suspects were receiving unfair treatment.

They wondered why they should suffer and that no visitors were being allowed to see them while remanded.

They also complained  that no food was being brought from outside.

Meanwhile, some suspects talked to asked the Human Rights Commission (HRC) to go beyond reading speeches but to investigate the mistreatment of suspects in prisons.