Ozzy the general performs at Last Point

David Banda aka Ozzy the general
David Banda aka Ozzy the general
David Banda aka Ozzy the general

OLD Skool yet finding its way through to the new generation says David Banda aka Ozzy the general.

Speaking after his performance last Saturday at Last point,Ozzy said he was a happy person knowing that his music from his first album could grab the audience like did on Saturday as many of his fans danced and sang alongside,

¨ Am happy that my first album still has the popularity it has when it was first released, because I feel my fan base is almost the same if not more despite different music invading the industry,¨ He said

Ozzy who has since embarked on international tours said he still has the love at heart for his local fans,following a complaint that he has been working backstage by some of his fans.

He is currently working with his brother in the brotherhood record,which aims at beating the competition in the industry,

¨It´s a brotherhood thing,we are aiming higher,we are equal to the competition,so Zambian music lovers should just continue with their support because we are nothing without them,¨ he said.