Zambian Government is disregarding the rule of law – NAREP

The National Restoration Party (NAREP) has described the ban on political party rallies by deputy Inspector general of police Solomon Jere on Sunday, which was later overruled by the Electoral Commission of Zambia as a clear indication of continued abuse of misapplication of the law by government.

NAREP National Chairperson Joseph Mushalika has told Qfm News that the unsuccessful attempt shows the extent to which the current government is disregarding the rule of law.

Mr. Mushalika says it is unfortunate for Dr. Jere to engage in unprofessional conduct by undertaking unpopular decisions which have no legal backing.

He says Dr. Jere should not have made the decision in the first place in order to spare himself from embarrassment.

Mr. Mushalika says what is important is to establish causes of political violence.

The Electoral Commission of Zambia yesterday overruled the Zambia Police’s ban on political rallies in the by-elections.

The ECZ stated that is the only organisation mandated to set up an election time table, including a campaign timetable which should be respected by all stakeholders without exception.