Minibus drivers block roads in Kabwe in protest

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Minibus drivers block roads in Kabwe in protest
KABWE, Feb 25, 2013 ZANIS————-Irate bus drivers in Kabwe were up in arms against their fellow colleagues , the pirate taxi drivers whom they accused of interfering with their operations.

The registered minibus  drivers lamented that most of  the mushrooming of pirated taxis  in
the town were operating illegally saying in most cases were not event paying tax like they do.

As a result there was commotion in the Central Business District of  Kabwe after the drivers blocked most streets in the town centre.

The aggrieved parties marched later to the Provincial Administration seeking the address of the area District Commissioner, Patrick Chishala .

Commissioner Chishala however assured the drivers that his office was aware of the problems they were facing mainly caused by the illegal taxi operators.

Kabwe Bus Drivers Association, General Secretary, George Kamwimbe, justified the demonstration.

“We are paying various taxes to the government through the Zambia Revenue Authority, Kabwe Municipal Council and RTSA while these pirated taxis are not paying anything and are illegally operating in the eyes of the law.” said Mr. Kamwimbe.

Mr. Kamwimbe believed that the PF is a government of laws and order, and stated that President Michael Sata is a man of action, but wondered how this illicit activity has continued.

Meanwhile, Kabwe Bus Drivers Association, Vice Chairperson, Madalitso Zulu, says it  was time the Kabwe Municipal Council [KMC] started considering the bus drivers as stakeholders in the transport sector.

“To us [drivers], we believe those are illegal because those are not taxis but private vehicles which apparently, are not registered as public vehicles as they still have black number plates.” said Mr.

Mr. Zulu questioned if it would be right for them as bus drivers to sit down and watch the non-tax payers such as the illegal taxi operators to benefit from their illicit actions of taking away their