Dandy crazy and Afunika´s show at Lusaka´s East point

Dandy crazy

WHATEVER the interpretation, Wesley Chibambo aka Dandy crazy, the don´t Kubeba star, proved he is a darling for Lusaka fans at his performance at Lusaka´s East point in Kabwata last Saturday.

By 23:30hrs the People’s Space surrounding the stage had filled up, with masses still flocking the venue and by 01;00hrs, many Zambian music fanatics had no choice but to stand back stage as the front space was fully packed awaiting his performance.

Performances started as early as 22;00hrs with a line up of artistes from Chikowise,Afunika and his dancers,Mampi and upcoming artist Maggie,they did it to perfection.

Mampi treated her fans to her usual styles and more of what she learnt from her Uganda performances,Clad in a tight and short black dress that mapped out all her curves, she energetically shook her butt before the cameras, electrifying men who could not help but crowd the stage to have a close view of her.

At exactly 01;30hrs the main man appeared on stage making money rain on his fans as he flashed kr50 notes to the cheerful crowd who screamed kopala swag upon Dandy´s appearance on stage as he was dressed in a black with spiky metals on it covering his dreads with a spiky cap.

Before he could even hold the microphone patrons already started to sing the popular ¨Dibili¨song, girls flocked the stage when he started the performance, lucky one walked away with kr50 notes in their hands upon singing a line of any of his songs.

The most controversial part was when he request few girls to join him on stage to dance with him girls were almost causing a stampede on their way to the stage as it was too crowded, those who made their way to the stage danced their energy out to impress Dandy, one of the girls was even pushed and landed on the ground with her head and collapsed, she was immediately while on the other side the fun continued and one of the girls walked away with a Kr500 for putting up a splendid dance as she was described as a Dibili,natural beauty.

Speaking after his performance Dandy said the money he gave out to his fans deserved it because they make him who is today

¨ Indalama shilya nachipela balya bonse shabo kaili ebatubika epo tuli lelo,(the I just gave those people belongs to them because they made me who I am to day),¨ Dandy said.

Meanwhile Afunika also set East point Nevada in Chilenje ablaze as his dancing queens wowed the tipsy and sober men and women who danced along as his dancers wined and danced to marvel the audience, the pub was equally crowded making path ways impassable that many other people decided to watch from a distance.

Afunika´s dancers created a scene when they pulled one of spectators to the stage and humped and jumped on him while was laying on the ground like they were on jumping castle, the man almost cried his eyes out as he was in some much pain ignited from the crazy dances.