Seyuba sees need for centrally located data in N/Western province

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—North Western Provincial Permanent Secretary, Augustine Seyuba, says the province requires centrally located data that should be used to profile and package the potential development areas in the region.

Mr Seyuba said this in Solwezi when he officially launched the North Western Geographical Information System (GIS) data collection under the Zambia Consensus Project.

Mr Seyuba said the province has a lot of prospective development data that need to be collected and validated which should be used to facilitate coordinated planning.

He said the data, once collected from different sectors, will bring objectivity in the allocation of resources particularly by the ministry of finance as it will be a tool developed to highlight areas that are being deprived.

Government commissioned the Zambia Consensus Project in 2011 to profile and package the country using the Geographic Information System being executed by the ministry of finance.

The project aims at helping policy makers to make decisions by adding an integrated geographical dimension to sectoral, data such as schools, hospitals, roads and population distribution.