AmChaZ makes business linkages between Zambia and USA

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—-The American Chamber of Commerce in Zambia (AmChaZ) has disclosed that it has made remarkable progress in enhancing business linkages between Zambia and the United States of America (USA).

AmChaZ Vice president, Paul Kaluba, says since the formation of the chamber in June 2011, trade between Zambia and the USA has greatly improved.

He was speaking last evening at a meeting held for the business community and the Eastern Province Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EPCCI).

Mr Kaluba noted that many Zambian business people have been able to penetrate the USA market, hence improving their trade.

He explained that the chamber is interested in promoting a two-way flow of trade and investment in the two countries through the American Growth Opportunity Act (AGOA).

Mr Kaluba said AmChaz has also helped in improving the facilitation of the Public Private Partnership (PPP) for the business community in Zambia and the USA.

He disclosed that the major challenge of improving trade relations in the two countries has been lack of adequate information on what kind of businesses people should engage in.

He noted that this is why the chamber was formed to address such challenges through AGOA, especially for Zambians to penetrate the USA market.

Mr Kaluba further added that the chamber has a committee in place targeted at helping small-scale businesses to built capacity and improve their access to funding both locally and internationally.

And USA Embassy Economic and Social Officer, Adam Ross, said Zambia has huge prospects in business that many American investors can be attracted to.

Mr Ross said the Embassy is currently doing everything possible to encourage improved trade relation between the two countries.

He cited the trade shows that are held in USA for various businesses as some of the opportunities that can be used to connect many Zambians to USA businessmen.

Mr Ross noted that the Embassy is also committed to providing financial support through export credit agencies like the EXIM Bank.

Earlier, Eastern Province Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EPCCI) president, Thomas Mtonga, urged AmChaZ to work with the Zambian government and develop trade relations that can be beneficial to small scale traders in Zambia

Mr Mtonga said there is need for the chamber to take advantage of the industrial clusters that government plans to introduce and help in promoting value addition that can make local products more attractive to the outside world markets.

He said despite Eastern Province being an agricultural region, it has more to offer that can attract more investors but only lacks support in value addition.