Marketers complain

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Marketers complain

Chipata, February 21,  ZANIS ——Marketers at Saturday Market in Chipata district in Eastern Province urinate in containers claiming they are failing to raise enough money to pay fee paying toilets.

One of the marketers Loveness Thole said marketers were shunning to comply with some regulations by the local authority because business was slow in the market as people were not buying from the markets because they were intercepted by street vendors.

Ms Thole stated that the problem arose because of their colleagues who had left their stands to trade as vendors from market entrance thereby putting pressure on the road.

The marketers revealed this when a team of stakeholders led by Chipata Town Clerk Ekan Chingangu toured the market to find a lasting solution to take back vendors to their stands in markets.

They further stated that the problem would not end until those selling from the street were persuaded to get back their stands in markets.

The marketers threatened that if the council did not take a firm stance against those that have left stands to vend in the streets, they would stop paying market levy.

However, Mr Chingangu assured the marketers that the market operations would improve once the marketers formed a committee that would look at all their concerns for action by the local authority.