ZCTU official bemoans poor attitude of some public workers

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ZCTU official bemoans poor attitude of some public workers


Kasama, February 21, ZANIS —– Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) Northern Coordinator Peter Chungu has expressed worry over attitudes of some public and private organisation workers who are portraying a negative stance towards the r development of the nation.


In an interview with ZANIS in Kasama today Mr Chungu called on workers in the province to change their attitudes towards work and develop a sense of hard work to provide quality service to the nation.


He said the attitude of casual approach towards work, reporting late for duty and knocking off early from work has greatly affected the development of the nation.


Mr Chungu also said the long queues in acquiring health services and banking institutions should be stopped and corrective measures be taken as people lose a lot of man hours of production at their work places.


He has disclosed that Labour Day celebration preparatory meeting will soon start and appealed to all organisations in Northern Province and Kasama in particular to participate without fail.


Mr Chungu said his office will not take kindly to any organization which will shun this year’s Labour Day celebrations as the day is an International Workers day.


The ZCTU Northern Coordinator saluted the mother body for initiating and opening ZCTU offices in the ten Provinces to coordinate the operations of unions in the nation.


Mr Chungu also thanked the office of the Northern province Permanent Secretary for allowing ZCTU leadership to attend Provincial Development Coordinating Committee (PDCC) meetings.


Meanwhile, Mr Chungu has called for calm among all unionized members in the nation as their leaders have started negotiations for new conditions of service.


Mr Chungu urged national leaders to work hard in negotiations with government in order to improve the low conditions of service to their members.


He called on people in the nation to desist from politicising the bargaining process at the expense of the many suffering public workers.


The ZCTU Regional Coordinator said this year’s Labour day will include musicians and many other working partners and will concluded by holding a working dinner with government officials to chart the way forward to developmental programmes for Northern Province.