Namibia JPC vital instrument for strengthening and broadening bilateral relations

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Zambia- Namibia JPC vital instrument for strengthening and broadening bilateral relations


Lusaka, February 20, ZANIS— Government says Zambia and Namibia have continued to record sustainable economic achievements resulting from common infrastructure and natural resources shared between the two countries.


And both governments have placed agriculture as a key sector to realizing food security, poverty reduction and sustainable economic growth in the region.  


Speaking in Lusaka today when he presided at the 9th session of the Zambia- Namibia Joint Permanent Commission (JCP), Acting Foreign Affairs Minister Emmanuel Chenda said the meeting serves as an important instrument of strengthening and broadening bilateral relations.


Mr. Chenda noted among other benefits, the making operational of the Dry port has improved transportation of goods and services along the Walvis Bay Corridor from DRC Congo through Zambia to Namibia.


Mr. Chenda who is also Commerce and Trades Minister called for the full utilization of common infrastructures such as the Katima Mulilo Bridge and the Dry port for increased trade and between the two countries.


He further said Zambia has placed agriculture as one of the key sectors to drive the nations’ economy and called for practical modalities to make operational the Zambia- Namibia Agriculture Joint Venture (ZANAP) to enhance food security, create employment, generate income and stimulate economic growth.


And Namibian Foreign Affairs Minister, Netumba Nandi- Ndaitwah noted that the completion of the Trans- Capriv Highway, the Katima Mulilo- Sesheke Bridge and the Livingstone- Sesheke road as tools of economic advancement between the two countries.


Ms. Ndaitawah was confident that Zambia and Namibia will continue to work out common objectives for the benefit of the southern region and Africa as a whole.


The CPJ meeting will discuss a broad range of issues among others Agriculture, Gender, Finance, Trade, Transport, Diplomatic and Legal matters affecting both countries.


The 9th CPJ session was attended by Zambia and Namibia’s ministers of foreign affairs, government officials and other key stake holders coming from both countries.