ZASU expresses confidence in Zambia’s ability to host Zone III and IV swimming championship

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ZASU expresses confidence in Zambia’s ability to host Zone III and IV swimming championship

Lusaka, February 19, ZANIS——-Zambia Amateur Swimming Union (ZASU) President David Thompson has expressed confidence of Zambia’s ability to successfully host the Zone III and IV swimming championship.


Thompson said the championship is another opportunity for Zambia to exploit its talent and show its ability to the outside world.


Speaking during a media breakfast meeting in Lusaka today, Thompson said the championship which is estimated to gobble about KR300 Million rebased will be held at the newly constructed “Ninety DAYS Legacy Olympics Pool” in Lusaka.


He said currently Zambia is rated among the most emerging swimming nations because of the current world class swimming infrastructure that has been built in the country.


Thompson observed that since Zambia hosted the just ended ZONE six games, the country has risen up in hosting capability rankings from the tenth to the fourth position.


He said the championship which is expected to receive participation from Eastern and Southern African countries have so far received confirmation of participation from ten countries.


Thompson said this year’s Championship will cater for participants raging from eight years to eighteen years old.


He said Zambia will continuously strive to produce swimmers who will in turn represent the country during the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil.


And Olympics Youth Development Centre (OYDC) Director Clement Chileshe said he is happy that Zambia will host the 2013 CANA Zone II and IV swimming championship.


Chileshe said that it is gratifying to note the wonderful attention that the country has received since it opened the Olympics Youth Development Centre.


He said Zambia is among the few countries in the southern region with the world class swimming infrastructure capable o hosting big events.


Chileshe said OYDC requires about KR300 Million to keep the swimming pool in its classical form.


He stated that the centre since it opened has put up ventures from which funds can be drawn but that the response has been minimal as very few institutions have been funding the centre.

He urged members of the public to take advantage of the infrastructure to exploit talent.