Lion terrorizing villagers killed

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Lion terrorizing villagers killed

Mumbwa, February 19, ZANIS ——-Villagers in Chief Mumba’s area  today scrambled to share some special parts of the lion which include craws, heart, ribs and offals after the beast was short dead.


The beast has been terrorizing the area for the past one week threatened the lives of the people in the chiefdom and claimed some domestic animals which included two donkeys, a cow, sheep and a dog.


Zambia Wildlife Authority Western Region Area Manager James Milanzi told ZANIS in Mumbwa today that ZAWA in Mumbwa used close 78 (1) (2) of the Wildlife Act to empower villagers with a licensed firearm to kill the beast if seen because it would be cheaper for his organization as several attempts to trace it did not yield results for the whole week.


Mr Milanzi explained that the act under self defence protection of property allows licensed firearm owners to kill any animal bringing discomfort to the people but must surrender the trophy to ZAWA.


The manager however thanked the villagers for killing the beast but was disappointed that some parts have been removed for unknown reasons.


He disclosed that the four craws, tail, tongue, offals full of fat, and the teeth are some of the parts which were found missing at the place where the lion was shot.


Mr Milanzi has since appealed to villagers to voluntarily surrender the removed parts to ZAWA and use the proper channel if they need some parts before contravening the law of possessing government trophy.


And hundreds of Mumbwa residents today stormed the ZAWA offices in Mumbwa to have a glimpse of the dead lion.


Operations at the ZAWA offices almost came to a standstill as children, mothers, and civil servants and others alike abandoned their duties to have a glimpse of the beast as some claimed that it was the first time to see it.