Bible Society of Zambia donates Bibles to Chimbokaila Prison

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The Bible Society of Zambia has donated 40 Bibles to Lusaka Central Prisons, commonly known as Chimbokaila.

Making the donation today at United Church of Zambia (UCZ) Trinity congregation in Lusaka, Bible Society of Zambia president Teddy Mulonga said the donation was a response to an appeal which the Prisons Service has made to the society.

Mr. Mulonga hoped that the donated Bibles will help the prisoners understand the word of God grow and spiritually.

He said the Bible Society was determined to promoting Christian values and culture even in prisons through circulating Bibles.

Mr. Mulonga encouraged the prisoners to read the Bibles as God still loves them despite them being isolated from society.

He said it was the desire of the Bible Society to see prisoners being transformed through the word of God.

He said prisoners should contribute to the socio-economic development and spiritual needs of their respective communities when they are released.