Christians urged to embrace non believers

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Christians urged to embrace non believers

Lusaka, February 17, ZANIS-A clergyman from St. Stephen United Church of Zambia (UCZ) has called on other Christians in the country to accommodate non believers.

A visiting Preacher at United Church of Zambia Trinity Congregation, Joseph Njovu, implored the congregants to reach out to the non believers and bring them in the fold of Christ.

Elder Njovu said it was the role of believers to help bring change in the life styles of non believers hence the call to embrace them.

He wondered how Christians will impact the world if they shun mingling with non believers.

And Elder Njovu has urged Christians to visit and encourage prisoners and people living with HIV/AIDS so they they can have hope in Jesus Christ.

Elder Njovu said Christians should show the character of Christ by accommodating everyone despite their status in society.

He admonished Christians to visit people in prisons and those infected with HIV/AIDS.

Today, the UCZ Trinity Congregation held an HIV/AIDS Sunday Service whose theme was “New Creation in Christ”.