Call for lifting RB’s immunity intensifies

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Call for lifting RB’s immunity intensifies


Ndola, February 14, ZANIS ——- Some civil society groups in Ndola have supported calls by sections of society for the Anti Corruption Commission to interview former republican President Rupiah Banda on the alleged corrupt practices that he is being accused off.


Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Ndola today, Vulnerable Children Advocacy Project Executive Director John Daka says his organisation is in full support of the government’s intended decision to lift Mr Rupiah Banda’s immunity in order to question him.


Mr Daka said that the presidential immunity does not exist to harbour criminal activities but for administrative purposes.


He said young people have continued to suffer because resources in the past have both been abused and misapplied.


“There are too many vulnerable young people that need resources to earn a living that should be benefiting from the resources in the country,” he said.


And the Executive Director of Hosanna Mapalo of Orphans and Vulnerable Children Care Centre Patrick Muthanga said justice has to take its course and that parliamentarians should have a final say at the end of the day.


Mr Muthanga said the immunity is a privilege that should not be taken for granted by trying to hide under it.

He said government should come up with a law to help leaders manage resources while in office and govern the country with responsibility.


“If the immunity is uplifted from the former president, the government should put laws to allow prudence in the management of resources at the expense of the nation,” he said.


Mr Munthanga added that parliament should come up with a clause that will see to it that once a person is tried and found innocent or acquitted, the matter should be taken back to parliament so that the person can retain his immunity.