PAZA calls for orientation programmes for journalists

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PAZA calls for orientation programmes for journalists


Ndola, February 14, ZANIS ——- Press Association of Zambia (PAZA) President Andrew Sakala has called on media institutions in the country to come up with orientation programmes for upcoming journalists if they have to employ competent professionals.


Speaking in a telephone interview with ZANIS Ndola today, Mr Sakala said there is need for media institutions to initiate programmes to orient upcoming journalists to meet respective institution standards.


He noted that orienting up coming journalists as media houses recruit them will enhance the performance of pressmen in the country.


Mr Sakala said some journalists were failing to perform to expected standards because they did not only lack orientation to match the requirements of their media house styles but also lacked the passion for the profession and probably forced themselves in the media sector for the sake of finding a job.


He further urged institutions to be careful when recruiting graduates from colleges and universities by ensuring that they are passionate with their job as this will help them have sufficient qualified staff.


Mr Sakala also appealed to TEVETA and Examinations Council of Zambia to start monitoring media training institutions to ensure that they have competent lecturers.


He however said most institutions in the country were doing their best to produce competent graduates but blamed student themselves for not loving the profession and do not want to be up to date with current affairs.