One DC calls for information on developmental projects

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One DC calls for information on developmental projects

Kalabo, February 13, ZANIS ——– Kalabo District Commissioner Ireen Mate has requested all government departments and other cooperating stakeholders in Kalabo to be availing the District Administration with all the information pertaining to any on-going developmental projects in the area.

Mrs Mate said that her office is supposed to know all the projects going on in the district because it is the custodian of administration where everybody approached first for solutions and answers if a problem arose concerning the on-going developmental project.

The District Commissioner said this in a Heads of Government departments and stakeholders meeting she chaired in the Council Chamber in Kalabo on Monday.

Mrs Mate said that it was very unfair for any sector to commence any project in the district without her knowledge till a time when a problem arose and the concerned parties seek her office for a solution.

In another development Mrs Mate has called on the local authority to sort out the problem of lack of toilets for travellers at the Boma harbour that has forced travellers to turn the shrubs in front of her office and the area near her house as places to answer their call of nature.

And the new Kalabo District Administrative Officer Inambao Mwiya told departmental heads that they were a fulcrum for any on-going developmental project in the district since they were professionals in their own fields.

Mr Mwiya said that there was need for Heads of Departments to work as a team for the district to excel successfully in development and that it was important for them to work hard and leave a legacy behind in Kalabo.