Damaged culvert poses threat of movements

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Damaged culvert poses threat of movements

Sinazongwe, February 13, ZANIS ——- People from Senior Chief Mweemba area in Sinazongwe district faces a risk of being cut off from the rest of the district following the collapse of a culvert on the road linking their area to the district due to heavy rains.


Mwenda Ward Councilor Paul Mudenda and Sinazongwe District Commissioner Dodo Sindaza both confirmed the development to ZANIS today that the culvert collapsed at Simala Stream in Dengaza area along the Bottom road.


Mr Mudenda noted that people from Nyanga, Siameja, Kafwambila and Siampondo are failing to access food stuffs from Kanchindu and Maamba as the vehicles are failing to pass through the damaged culvert.


He said Siameja and Kafwambila clinics will be failing to refer patients to Maamba hospital because of the damaged culvert.


Mr Mudenda feared that once drugs runs out in the two clinics due to vehicles that can not reach the area, people will have more medical problems.


The Councilor is appealing to government to work on the damaged culvert and other parts of the Bottom road from Siabaswi to Kafwambila.


Two weeks ago another portion of the road was damaged along the same road at Matambo and government Rural Roads Department (RRD) has since worked on it.