Mobile hospitals are here to stay – Mulenga

Christopher Mulenga - pix muvitv

Deputy Minister of Health Christopher Mulenga says government will not do away with mobile hospitals.

Mr Mulenga said mobile hospitals are good and ideal in areas that are hard to reach especially during rainy season.


The Deputy Minister of Health who was on tour of Western Province to check on infrastructure and pharmaceuticals said Zambia is still far way from meeting its goals on health.


He said because of the seasonal conditions in some parts of the country, it is better to maintain mobile hospitals and also build permanent structures which he said were cost effective.


Mr Mulenga said the Patriotic Front governments’ desire is to reduce the distance between a patient and health facility to about 5 Kilometres across the country.


He said because of the distance challenge that has impacted negatively on the welfare of citizens in rural parts of the country, government will this year construct about 650 health posts across the country with Western province getting 26 of them.


And Senanga District Commissioner Mihupulo Yumei thanked government for its commitment on improving accessibility to health services.


Mr Yumei said distance to health posts has in many cases contributed to the high number of deaths which occur in people’s homes as people living in far parts of the country opt to stay at home when they are sick than walking long distances.


The District Commissioner has also thanked government for procuring 207 ambulances to benefit all the provinces in the country.


Mr Yumei, however, challenged government to consider increasing the number of staff at Senanga district hospital adding that the shortage of nurses is what has lead to the patient, relative, and nurse conflicts in the country.


He also attested to the fact that Senanga district hospital pharmacy was among the hospitals in the district that was well stocked with medicines.