Government commended for drugs funding

Christopher Mulenga - pix muvitv

Deputy Minister of Health Christopher Mulenga has praised government for allocating about 500 million Kwacha rebased for the procurement of drugs in the country.


Mr Mulenga says it is the desire of the government that all health institutions in the country do not experience drug shortages.


The Deputy Minister of Health who visited Kaoma, Mongu, Senanga, Shangombo and Lukulu districts in Western Province, checking on the hospital infrastructure and pharmaceuticals expressed happiness that the province has enough stocks of drugs.


Mr Mulenga has since dispelled assertions by some Members of Parliament claiming that the province had been hit by a critical shortage of drugs.


Mr Mulenga has also warned medical officers in the province to desist from stealing medicines, adding that government wants to ensure that people in the country receive equal treatment despite their location.


Meanwhile, in Kaoma and Mongu districts, Mr Mulenga slammed senior health officials at the two district hospitals for failing to clean their hospital wards, buying linen and food for the patients.


He said it was unfair to think that patients can recover while staying in dirty environment and without food.


Mr Mulenga wondered why hospital management in Kaoma and Mongu were failing to feed their patients when their hospitals had some money that can be used to feed the patients.


He challenged some nurses to tell him if they could manage to stay hungry and still take medicines and hope to recover.


The Deputy Minister, who undertook a conducted tour of the two hospitals in the affected districts, also complained of the bad smell coming from the toilets and wards.