Coffin found at Chadiza resident’s door step

traditional healer
A family at Fwintha Village in chief Mwangala’s area of Chadiza District  in the eastern province last night woke up to a shock when they found a small coffin by the door step of their house.

 A ZANIS crew which rushed to the scene found a 30 by 40 centimeter coffin wrapped with a white cloth and a black cross on top placed at the door step of house.

 And owner of the house Jennipher Phiri said the coffin was discovered after midnight as she was trying to go out and answer the call of nature.

 She said by the time the coffin was found her husband who is a polygamy was with the other wife in another village.

 And chief Mwangala who visited the scene warned the people in his chiefdom against practicing witchcraft.

 Chief Mwangala said that people should be concerned with issues of development such as farming and not the other way round.

 He has since warned of stiffer punishment to anyone who be identified as having placed the coffin in the village.